Noosa Council sand recycling – public safety assessment


SWASH Project Delivery, along with HSCS, provided a public safety assessment of Noosa Council’s sand recycling operations on Noosa main beach.

The sand recycling system is in place to transfer sand from the north-west end of Noosa main beach, adjacent to the river mouth, back to the eastern end of Noosa main beach. The purpose of the sand transfer and deposition is to ensure that the main beach remains aesthetically pleasing to beachgoers as well as maintains safety for the public to use on an ongoing basis.

A qualitative risk assessment of the existing infrastructure and operations was conducted. The existing infrastructure included:

  • Pumping station and sub station
  • Sea water intake jetty and pumping
  • Sand collection area
  • Water and slurry transfer pipelines
  • Sand deposition area
  • Buried electrical cables

Following completion of the risk assessment, SWASH Project Delivery and HSCS were further engaged to develop safe work procedures for operation and maintenance of Noosa Council’s sand recycling system.



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