Dredging around Australia – moving maps

How would one of these maps look on your website?

If you’re a dredging or beach nourishment project manager, how do you currently communicate about your programs?

At Swash, we see real value in more effectively explaining how your dredging and sand management activities occur.

Imagine if community members, regulators, industry reps and interest groups could all click on a map and see a short animation on how dredging and sand management occurs at that site? What else could you include?

  • Latest bathymetric surveys (tick)
  • Webcam images (tick)
  • Water quality and environmental monitoring dashboards
  • Real-time dredge locations (tick)
  • All in one location (tick).

View our sample video

We have integrated three maps in this short, 15-second video.

Can we help you?

Swash continues to develop a suite of products to help you, as the dredging or beach nourishment manager, communicate transparently with your stakeholders and receive real-time dredging and monitoring information for project control and environmental compliance purposes.

Check out our series of four sand management videos that sample how animation can bring these programs to life.

Get in touch if you’d like to chat about possibilities for your programs!