We Specialize in Niche Ports and Waterways Projects

At Swash Project Delivery, we can lead or support you through the following projects and tasks.

  • Dredging/Ports

    • Sustainable sediment management assessments
    • TSHD and CSD program management
    • Sand bypass/transfer systems
    • Dredging approvals applications (including 10-year Commonwealth sea dumping permits)
    • Dredging environmental management plans (preparation, implementation and auditing)
    • Dredge procurement
    • Long-term maintenance dredging management plans
    • Beach renourishment
    • Geotextile sand containers
  • Environmental

    • Beneficial reuse projects
    • Bird habitat – island sand nourishment and revegetation
    • Environmental management plans
    • Water quality monitoring
    • Environmental approvals
    • Projects within Marine Parks and Ramsar wetlands
    • Sediment sampling and analysis
  • Waterways

    • Recreational boating analysis
    • Sustainable boating plans
    • Sand bypass
    • Dredging
    • Navigational aids and swing moorings
    • Waterway zoning
    • Hydrographic surveys
  • Water (Civil)

    • Strategic water planning
    • Significant horizontal directional drilling
    • Major pipelines

We are genuinely interested in successfully delivering your projects above and beyond your expectations.

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We specialise in niche ports and waterways projects

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