Sand management

The Swash team is highly experienced in providing multi-faceted and innovative sand management solutions.

We can assist your sand management projects, programs or strategies by:

  • Designing sand bypass / transfer systems
  • Creating concept and detailed designs
  • Providing onshore and nearshore beach nourishment advice and designs.

Why do we need to manage sand?

Did you know there are more than 35 regular sand bypass and transfer system operating Australia-wide? More than 3,600,000 m3 of sand is shifted annually through these systems.

Sand is the second most widely consumed natural resource after water. It is vitally important that sand is sustainably and/or beneficially reused. Effective sand management is essential to:

  • Maintain navigable access through channels and waterways, and at ports, harbour and marina infrastructure
  • Provide beach nourishment (and/or maintain natural sediment transport)
  • Provide coastal / asset protection
  • Assist with flood mitigation
  • Improve channel capacity for environmental or regulated flows.

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