Project management

Our team is available to provide lead project management services for your next dredging or sand management program around Australia or internationally. We understand the importance of being onsite to work with dredging, survey and other project support contractors and consultants to successfully deliver project objectives and outcomes.

We also understand the importance of environmental monitoring, adaptive management and stakeholder engagement throughout all the phases of a project and program.

We can provide a single point of contact for our clients.

Our real-time online dashboard

Working on scores of dredging and sand management projects over nearly two decades, we have seen firsthand, time and again, the value of real-time data and information when managing a project.

It can prevent minor mishaps from turning into major headaches, and it can help give all project stakeholders confidence the best possible outcomes will be achieved.

That’s why Swash has specially developed an online dredging dashboard for its clients.

The Swash online dashboard is tailored specifically for your project, and provides your team with a one-stop project hub for all dredging, engineering, environmental monitoring, safety and project management information.

Our dashboard is particularly important for remote project sites or when your team is unable to attend site on a regular basis.

Be sure to ask about how our dashboard could help you manage your next project.

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