Environmental approvals + services

Swash can help you navigate the various Commonwealth, state and local approvals, consents and permits that are required for dredging and sand management projects.

We have partnered with expert planning and approval specialists in each state to strengthen the support we can offer our clients throughout the approvals process, including engaging with regulators and agencies to facilitate each project.

Swash provides the following environmental approvals services:

  • Preparation of Commonwealth (Sea Dumping Permit, EPBC Act) approvals applications
  • Preparation of state approvals applications
  • Project management of, and advice on, necessary studies and investigations to support approvals applications
  • Preparation of Long-term Maintenance Dredging Management Plans
  • Preparation of Dredging Environmental Management Plans.

Sea Dumping Permits

Where ‘at-sea’ placement of dredged material is required in Australia, a Sea Dumping Permit may be needed. This can be one of the most labour-intensive and difficult permits for ports or other organisations to acquire, as extensive knowledge of the legislation and technical expertise is often required.

Swash personnel has successfully led the delivery of long-term 10-year Sea Dumping Permits for various ports including the Port of Gippsland Lakes (Lakes Entrance, Vic), Port of Weipa, Port of Hay Point and Amrun port facility (Queensland).

Swash has also provided independent technical reviews of other Sea Dumping Permit applications on behalf of the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.

Swash has provided a summary of 29 Australian dredging Sea Dumping Permits.

Environmental services

Besides approvals, we also undertake water quality monitoring, prepare environmental management plans, and provide environmental supervision and auditing services.

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