Sand transfer systems – Lakes Entrance, Victoria

A short but interesting 40-second video on how sand is dredged from the inner channels at Lakes Entrance in Victoria, Australia.

The video also shows how sand is discharged through one of two above water ocean outfalls in the surf zone, approximately 1,000m either side of the Entrance channel.

The CSD Kalimna transfers upwards of 120,000 m3 per annum through this sand transfer system and ocean outfalls.

The 650 m3 TSHD Tommy Norton operates on the bar, Entrance channel and swing basin.

This is all part of the Gippsland Lakes Ocean Access program managed by Gippsland Ports Committee of Management Inc.

The video has no sound, and if you can’t spare the full 40s then definitely watch the first 20 seconds and last 5 seconds!