Manning River Entrance

Swash Manning River entrance

What Swash did Swash provided innovative design and advisory services for strategic assessment of sand management and dredging options at Manning River Entrance. About the project The entrance to the Manning River includes two openings, one at Harrington to the north and one to the south, the Farquhar entrance at Old Bar. The Manning River […]

Gippsland Lakes ocean access dredging approvals

Swash Gippsland Lakes ocean access dredging approvals

What Swash did Swash provided dredging approvals lead services to Gippsland Ports. Swash facilitated engagement with Commonwealth (DAWE) and State (DELWP) approvals agencies and project managed the delivery of various studies and investigations to support long-term dredging approvals applications. Notably a Marine and Coastal Act consent (Victoria) and Sea Dumping Permit (Commonwealth). Supporting studies project […]

Barmah Choke sand management

Swash Barmah Choke sand management

What Swash did Swash is providing sand management and dredging advisory services for removal of sand deposits as a consequence of historical activities. Swash services include project management of supporting feasibility investigations and studies. About the project The Barmah Choke is a narrow section of the Murray River that runs through the Barmah–Millewa Forest. The […]

Noosa sand recycling system

Swash Noosa sand recycling system

What Swash did Swash, and partner HSCS, undertook an onsite risk assessment of the public-facing sand recycling infrastructure including: Pumping station and sub station Sea water intake jetty and pumping Sand collection area Water and slurry transfer pipelines Sand deposition area Buried electrical cables. In addition to the above scope, the risk associated with operations […]