Star of the South offshore wind farm

Dredging advisory
Star of the South

What Swash did

  • AECOM was awarded the role of ‘Approvals Lead Consultant’ for the Star of the South project. This included assessment of onshore transmission assets and operations ports and harbour assessment.
  • With strong local knowledge and ports/dredging experience, Swash was engaged by AECOM to provide specialist advice on ports and harbour operational, dredging and construction requirements to assist with environmental referrals and approvals associated with the Star of the South Offshore Wind Farm.

About the project

Star of the South is Australia’s first offshore wind project.

Proposed to be located off the south coast of Gippsland, it has the potential to supply up to 20% of Victoria’s electricity needs while creating jobs and investment.

The offshore wind farm is proposed to be located 7–25 km off the south coast of Gippsland near towns such as Port Albert, McLoughlins Beach and Woodside Beach.

Up to 200 turbines are proposed to be installed out at sea to catch the strong and consistent Bass Strait winds.

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