Apollo Bay harbour dredging

Dredging advisory
Colac-Otway Shire Council

What Swash did

  • Swash provided dredging technical and contract advisory support during the Apollo Bay Harbour dredging project.
  • Services included:
    • Pre-dredging onsite inspection
    • Review of dredging environmental management plans and method statements
    • Review of dredging and survey progress
    • Contract and project execution advisory
    • Environmental compliance advisory.

About the project

Colac Otway Shire Council, as manager of the Port of Apollo Bay, received state funding to remove accumulated sand from within the Harbour.

The project outcome was to restore and expand the port’s viability to recreational, tourism, and commercial fishing and boating activities.

A total of 72,400 m3 of sand and silt was removed from inside the harbour, with the majority of the harbour dredged to -3.5m, with additional areas completed dredged to -2m to -3m.

The initial contract volume of 55,000 m3 was delivered ahead of schedule and under budget, which allowed the port to also restore navigable depths to the boat ramp, which has proven a great benefit to boat ramp users.

Dredging volume

The Apollo Bay harbour dredging project had a dredging volume of just over 70,000 m3.

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